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Reloading Manuals - Books, Manuals, Software & Videos - Metallic. As I do not use Herco, it had not crossed my radar... Mine was, and still is worth every penny I paid for it. My Lyman 48 lists about 120 different powder bullet combos for the 38 Special and the same for the 357 Mag! If you think you wasted money on the Lyman manual, take a good look at the data in you Lee manual. In Stock. Item # LY9847261. Lyman Reloading for the AR-Rifle. .79. In Stock. Item # LY9816045. Lyman Reloading Manual - 50th Edition Hardcover.

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Lyman Reloading Books & Manuals - Brownells Looking at other of the .357 loads containing Herco, and they seem dubious also... It has 12 loads listed for .38 Special, and 14 listed for .357 Magnum. Are you serious, 240 pressure tested loads is "hardly any"? Might just be able to find all that wonderful data for free at your favorite powder manufacture's web site. Lyman Reloading Books & Manuals - Looking to buy Lyman Reloading Books. Cast Bullet Handbook-4th Edition. Shotshell Reloading Manual-5th Edition.

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Gun Reloading Books & Manuals - Cheaper Than Dirt All I can say is using old manuals can be waay dangerous. Lyman Long Range Precision Rifle Reloading Handbook 9816060. .50. .43. Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook 4th Edition Soft Cover 320 Pages 9817004.

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Bullet Casting Books & DVD's - Precision Reloading I know Accurate changed their No2 & No5 to lighter loads some yrs back...enough to make a big boom if using old loading publications with the new stuff. Books, DVD's & Software. Bullet Casting Books & DVD'sX. Go. Lyman Reloading and Cast Bullet User Guide. Lyman's 4th Edition Cast Bullet Handbook.

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Why do so many people brag about Lyman's manual? Archive - The. Anymore I call the powder mfg everytime I buy powder to double check loading info. IMO, If a new reloader had to have only one manual, it would be Lyman #49. The reason why I recommend Lyman #49 to new reloaders is because all the powder manufacturers have their current load data available online and bullet types and weights not covered by powder manufacturers' load data are often found in the Lyman #49. Handloading, Reloading, and Bullet Casting. There have been many complaints about the latest Lyman cast bullet manual. Most of the.

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Reloading Books & Manuals Sportsman's Warehouse I just dropped money on this thing and there are hardly any loads for 38 spl/357 mag. have been many complaints about the latest Lyman cast bullet manual. Items 1 - 12 of 12. Lyman 4TH Edition Cast Bullet Manual. 5.0. Sierra Bullets 5TH Edition Rifle and Hangun Reloading Manual. 4.0. Lyman Load Data Books.

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Reloading Books for Sale Reloading Data Logs & Manuals All powder suppliers have loading information on their web sites...it's free! A personal selection of reloading data logs, manuals & books can answer all of. 015-9816045 Lyman. Cast Bullets For The Black Powder Cartridge Rifles.

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Lyman Lead Data - Shooters Forum I have the Lee Modern Reloading Manual and it has a lot of loads. I use a Speer manual, but I get more up to date information from the Web. Feb 25, 2018. I own the 50th Lyman, but there's also a Lyman 'lead bullet' reloading manual. There are numerous cast lead bullets sold that have no data in.

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Shooting Cast Bullets at High Velocities Most of the complaints stated that it is nowhere near the resource that the older manual was. If you look at the load data given for cast bullets in most reloading manuals, you'll. So I look in my 47th edition of my Lyman Reloading manual I see a problem.

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