Dance Dance Revolution To access the ONE MORE EXTRA STAGE, you must AA The legend of MAX as your EXTRA STAGE. I can't use my KONAMI dance mat to play Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2 on Xbox. Can I play Dance Dance Revolution Extreme on the PlayStation®3?

DanceDanceRevolution EXTREME - Remy You will then start playing Dance Dance Revolution on CHALLENGE difficulty with 3x Speed, Reverse, and a life gauge set to RISKY (one Good/Boo/Miss/N. Similar to the EXTRA STAGE song, the 7th PASS unlock the song and all of its charts to be playable outside of the ONE MORE EXTRA STAGE. DanceDanceRevolution EXTREME's folder cover. Much like in that title, dancers appear on the screen giving instructions to players on how to step in rhythm.

Images about Dance Dance Revolution on Pinterest Dance. To obtain the EXTRA STAGE, you must AA a HEAVY or CHALLENGE chart in the FINAL STAGE. Explore Michelle On A Mission's board "Dance Dance Revolution" on Pinterest, the. Dance Dance Revolution Nintendo Wii; Game Disc w/ Case & Manual.

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 PS2 Instruction Booklet. Afterwards you will unlock the EXTRA STAGE, which will force 1.5x Speed, Reverse, and a "Pressure" Life Gauge on you, regardless of what song you play. Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 PS2 Instruction Booklet PlayStation 2 Manual Only - NO GAME Pampet only - NO GAME INCLUDED Play Station 2.

Inside a KOREAN type Dance Dance Revolution Arcade Machine. You will also be forced onto the HEAVY chart of a song (if a song has an CHALLENGE chart, it will force that on instead). Feb 24, 2009. people where requesting a video of the inside of the ddr machine so if you want a video of the machine just let me know. thanks.

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme - PlayStation 2. The legend of MAX can only be played during EXTRA STAGE on HEAVY. Save B On Open-Box & Pre-owned Buy "Dance Dance Revolution Extreme - PlayStation 2” from Amazon Warehouse Deals and save 69% off the .99 list.

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